About Sennex

Our Services


svc1Sennex delivers a full range of interior architectural services across 4 centres of excellence:

  • Corporate office design
  • Contact centre and fulfillment centre design
  • Laboratory design
  • Retail design and planning

Recognising that every organisation has a different set of needs, concerns and expectations, Sennex offers clients both design-build and consultancy-based interior architectural solutions.


svc2Sennex provides clients with comparative analysis of potential tenancy options in terms of space efficiency, construction cost fit-out profile and building services issues relative to defined and projected business user needs so as to facilitate informed decision making. Sennex’s occupancy planning service offering includes:

  • Space audit, analysis and furniture inventory
  • Space definition and user need assessment
  • Due diligence/comparative space efficiency analysis
  • Fit-out cost profiling
  • Feasibility studies
  • Test fitting
  • Facility planning
  • Retail planning traffic studies


svc3Sennex’s takes full and singular accountability for all design programming, architectural, engineering, technology, budgeting and interior construction and project control activities. The design-build methodology is ideal for interior projects facilitating ‘fast tack’ delivery with cost and quality guarantees.With both design and construction in the hands of a single entity, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence. Other benefits include a reduced delivery cycle time and a reduced client administrative burden.


svc5Sennex firmly believes that designing a workspace for an organization begins with understanding how that organization is designed. We also believe that the focus of a workplace design strategy should be on people and the types of work they accomplish.Traditional workplace strategies are often derived from “rigid data sets” that are readily available such as job title and rank, lineal filing requirements, and, often, self-reported working habits. Empirical evidence shows however that work styles are often quite different when observed from what they report and what is widely accepted as the ‘norm”.Sennex’s approach solves this problem – we don’t develop concepts and solutions before we have worked up a solid understanding of the organization, its goals, its culture, and its current and desired work practices grounded in both quantitative and qualitative data.Some of our recent workplace strategy projects include:Bose, Swire Pacific