About Sennex

Our Technical Expertise


Sennex fully understands the importance of ICT facilities in respect to the continuity of business operations and, it is therefore essential that ICT rooms are of both a high build quality and, are “right-sized “ to meet the future needs of the organisation. In addition to the size of the room and its location within the floorplate, it is essential to consider factors related to cable security, fire resistance, noise, heating, electrical fieds, conduit paths, equipment transportation and floor loads. When designing & planning ICT facilities we pay careful attention to room dimensions in terms of width/depth/height, raised floor requirements, location of equipment racks, internal clearances, room cooling units (including spare capacity & redundancy), internal conduits, (generic cabling systems and power), control of air currents, lighting, surface treatment of walls, ceilings and floors, access control and, fire prevention.

Given the complexities involved it is critically important to use a partner Company like Sennex who not only speaks the same language as your IT Team but who you can trust to complete the project on time and to the requisite standard.


Obtaining a statutory approval from FSSD is a prerequisite to tenant occupation. Sennex is highly experienced in dealing with all matters related to obtaining such approvals including, mounting Waivers and Appeals which sometimes are required to overcome Occupancy Load or other technical non-compliance issues. In an era of heightened Fire Code Enforcement, Workplace Health & Safety obligations and where emergency egress and non-simultaneous usage provisions place restrictions on headcount, it is particularly important for Companies to get the right professional advice – this is especially true prior to leasing large tenancies. Sennex has the practical experience, depth of knowledge and track record to assist you navigate a safe pathway to Fire Code compliance and, optimum space utilisation.


Sennex can provide a unified solution to the design & construction of dealing room facilities and can bring together all the technical expertise and specialist skills to successfully complete any type of project within the trading environment.

We fully appreciate that your dealing room is central to your opetations which is why it is absolutely crucial that you use a partner company like Sennex who you can trust to complete the project on time and who have the technical and design expertise to create a best-in-class working environment for your trading teams. Clients who have trusted us include leading financial institutions such; ABN Amro Bank, GMO and PIMCO.


We are highly conversant with designing and fitting out tenancies in new buildings especially, prior to building TOP. Occupancy load is a key aspect to which we pay close attention as this often restricts how a tenant can use their space. Having worked with all the leading property management companies and developers in Singapore we naturally understand the commercial fitout procedures and regulations that must be followed to successfully deliver your project. BCA Greenmark requirements are often a feature of sustainable building fitting-out guidelines with cost and operational implications for the tenant. It is important to identify these issues and in this regard, the Sennex team will be also able to advise you on this.


Sennex is a recognised international leader in masterplanning and the design of customer contact centre and backoffice fulfilment centres. We have a high proprietary knowledge of the mechanics of both ‘in-house’ and ‘third party’ operations across both inbound and outbound environments. This allows us to craft solutions that are in harmony with contact centre management best practices thereby, optimising service professional productivity. We have completed large scale contact centre assignments throughout the Asia Pacific Region including, AIG’s award winning 250,000 sf Nagasaki building.


Mechanical and Electrical and Fire Engineering considerations are critically important to the success of the project and in this regard, Sennex’s real-time experience in designing and building complex laboratory facilities for Client’s such as Ingredion underwrite our credentials. We recognise that each laboratory space must be designed having regard to people and the activities to be performed in order to achieve the best design outcome. Health & Safety and Environmental considerations need also to be factored into the design. With a multitude of needs to be addressed it is of great importance that you choose an experienced and reliable partner such as Sennex to design and build your laboratory facility.