Commercial Interior Design Singapore

What are the Key Issues faced in Office Interior Design, here in Singapore?

What can your Singapore Office Interior Designer do for you?

What makes a good Office Design Concept?

As a leading office interior design firm in Singapore, Sennex is well placed to advise clients on office interior design ideas both in terms of new trends &alternative workplace strategies. The fact is however that many Companies operating in Asia continue to adopt a highly traditional approach to planning the design & layout of their office space. Key drivers are hierarchy and status which often means a high ratio of cellular offices in relation to open work areas.

What are my current limitations?

Unfortunately, cellular offices and cubes with high partitions are often barriers to communication & corporate innovation and in addition to being less space efficient than open plan work environments are more expensive to build and offer little flexibility.  The major challenge of open plan working however has always been ‘privacy’ – there is no doubt that open plan office designs without a range of supporting infrastructure such as privacy rooms, phone booths and other collaborative spaces simply do not work and therefore these facilities need to be incorporated into the office interior design solution.

Why Sennex?

As professional design build consultants and office designers in Singapore we recommend that, firmswho wish to enhance their organization’s effectiveness, innovation, collaborationand improve employee wellbeing whilst saving office space and money in the form of both rental & fit-out investment consider changing the paradigm completely and look at different ways of using and allocating space.

What are the benefits?

Knowledge workers today want autonomy and a range of workplace settings that they can choose to work from depending on the different work tasks they are seeking to accomplishas opposed to static workspaces. Wellbeing also has a connection with autonomy in the sense that staff want to have some degree of control over lighting levels and thermal comfort. Having some degree of autonomy over the work environment improves general staff wellbeing as does access to natural daylight which has been shown to have positive effects on workplace productivity.


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