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We know what it takes to craft a high performance workplace from design through to the completion of the build-out including the importance of selecting the right office furniture types.

The evolution of Office Furniture

A single office desk size certainly aids space planning but may not necessarily deliver the most efficient results in terms of space usage nor, yield the most productive work environment. Companies readily accept that status dictates workspace size allocation but, are seemingly reluctant to allocate work space and office desks based on activity.

The importance of Office Furniture

Furniture is a major project cost and consideration when building a new office in Singapore or, renovating an existing space and it is therefore essential to make a properly informed decision that seeks to maximise utility whilst also providing value for money and of course, quality.


The importance of office furniture in the modern Singapore workplace has also changed vastly. They shape the mood, determine the layouts and help facilitate the styles of working in your company.


There is a myriad of office furniture options available in Singapore ranging from locally manufactured product to leading international brands. Whether it is task seating, collaborative furniture, activity based work settings, traditional workstations, meeting room or break-out furniture, your selections project your organisation’s values to both employees and external stakeholders.

What are the benefits?

At Sennex, our designers are conditioned to start with furniture requirements in mind. Each piece of furniture – workstations, office chairs, collaboration furniture, Cabinets, pedestals, mobile caddies, lockers – are thoughtfully placed in the floor plan with several options in mind.


This translates to usability, flexibility and convenience for you.


The Sennex team has the track record and real-time experience working across key industry verticals and workplace settings to define organisational needs and to recommend the most appropriate office furniture solutions.


Well-being, workplace health & safety, technology and ergonomics are all features of the modern workspace and will be areas of investigation and discussion.

Thought Leadership in Office Furniture Use:

The utility of Office Furniture has evolved over the years, check out some of these interesting ideas below, or better yet, drop us a call for a quick discussion of your needs and requirements!


We let you trial, to ensure that there is no error!

Often, furniture is chosen on a narrow spectrum of requirements, and thus leads to furniture that is not future proof, and serves only a very niche requirement. These quickly become obsolete and have to be changed promptly, and often.Sennex is completely vendor neutral and we will arrange comparative furniture mock-ups and showroom visits to view options and to facilitate the office furniture selection process. Our purchasing power will ensure that you receive value and the best commercial terms.


Following installation our team remains available to answer any questions you may have. We can also arrange for specialist ergonomic workshops to assist your staff in configuring their workstation so as to minimise the risk of repetitive stress injuries thereby enhancing their productivity.


In the future our office design team can assist with layout and space planning should you require additional headcount or re-stacks.

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