Space Planning

Confused about Office Partitions? What purposes do they serve?

How can I best configure the Partitioning in my office here in Singapore to optimize space utilization?

Understanding Office Partitions

Office partitions are an integral part of every office. While they may all look the same to the untrained eye it is important to understand that office partitions can be constructed in a number of different ways each with different acoustic performance and cost implications.


Drywall office partitions in Singapore are usually constructed using gypsum plasterboard fixed to each side of a galvanised steel stud frame. The standard office partition is usually 75mm thick with rockwool insulation battens filling the cavity for acoustic performance. The higher the density material used as insulation, the better the acoustic performance will be. This is therefore a cost variable.


Other treatments to increase acoustic performance could include using calcium silicate board which is also water resistant in a double sheet application with an internal air gap between the two corresponding layers of insulation which again has cost implications and will also increase the thickness of the office partition.

What if I require the best Acoustic Performance?

For good acoustic performance, office partitions should extend from the floor slab to the ceiling slab which is more expensive in comparison to partitions that are constructed only to the underside of the suspended ceiling. Slab to slab construction also has implications for the design & reticulation of mechanical services.

Learn more about Acoustic Performance here

What are the other benefits of manipulating Office Partitions?

Apart from the technical aspects of Partitioning systems, using the right partitions in the right places help promote work flows and properly segregate front of house areas and back office areas.


Proper space planning is therefore essential in creating the perfect layout for your office.

“Our management and staff really enjoy how the new offices were designed to improve communication and collaboration.”

Mr. Colin Payne, HR DirectorSwire Pacific Offshore Services

What if I require the best Acoustic Performance?

Sennex designers understand the intricacies planning the location, type and specifications of partitioning systems.


As your office interior design and construction partner, Sennex is able to translate your acoustic performance expectations to an optimum solution not only in respect to the office partition but also the most appropriate glazing systems and door type.


This can immediately translate into Real Estate Cost savings, improved working conditions and better morale all around.


To find out more, speak to one of our Office Fit-out experts for a no obligation consultation today!

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