Sustainable Design

What makes an Office Design Sustainable?

How do I go about doing it? How can I tell others about my Sustainable Office Design?

Green Design – Why, What and how?

Sennex believes that office space, office design and of course, office designers all need to be environmentally focused however a new concept is emerging which extends this focus to include the wellbeing of staff.


In this regard Sennex’s office designers who are already familiar with the BCA’s Green Mark for Office Interiors scheme are also now leaning about the WELL standard and the key drivers that impact office design and the wellbeing of staff. New modern office design trends and standards are emerging and it is important that corporate office designers in Singapore are conversant with these trends so that they can advise their Clients.


Sennex is constantly working to build its knowledge platform for the benefit of Clients. Introducing new office interior design ideas often meets with stakeholder resistance and therefore change management initiatives go hand in hand with the introduction of new office design ideas.


Sustainability – Not just the environment!

Sustainability in the office does not always just mean merely a clean and green office. It also requires the ability of the office to sustain your needs not just now, but in the future.


Sennex prides itself on being meticulous in helping you determining those needs, and figuring out what would still serve you well 5, 10, 15 years into the future.


Talk to us to figure out how to make your office truly sustainable!

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