We Are
Energetic and Passionate

With a burning curiosity for discovery.
We constantly question the way things are done, challenging conventions and pushing boundaries to create great experiences & places to work.

Focused and determined, we always want to learn new things & through the application of design-thinking to find creative solutions to new problems. We firmly believe in continuous improvement and like to ask the question, "How might we be better tomorrow"?



At Sennex, we go beyond the obvious to discover what motivates people to be their best at work, because we believe in a world where joy at work is a reality fueled by the passion for the things they do.

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it”
– Atticus Finch


In our quest to craft solutions that inspires people to do their best work, we apply principles of design thinking to help us ask the right questions and our creative passion fuels us to think differently, driving us to go beyond the obvious to create the best workplaces for your people.




This is the Heart of Sennex,
the unyielding force behind everything we do. It drives our attitude, our service and our



Design-led Thinking defines our approach to innovation. We are a team of creative problem solvers who seek to understand what people really need. We push past obvious solutions to come up with breakthrough ideas that help people & organization’s perform their best work.


This is our Commitment. We
seek to reflect ethical standards, do the right thing and be accountable regardless of the circumstances. It reflects our principle to be honest with our clients and employees even in times of crisis.

Diversity & Inclusivity

We recognize that diversity & inclusivity are essential to innovation and people’s well-being. We give a voice to all. We respect differences, show empathy and compassion and celebrate the unique perspectives each brings to the table.


We are a family of creators who value strong relationship not only within our family but with our Partners, Suppliers & Clients alike. Trust, Integrity and Support are fundamental build-blocks. We respect diversity of opinion & values and will communicate honestly with an open mind to resolve differences.


Commercial Interior Design Firm Singapore

SNX provides strategically driven, fully packaged workplace solutions that innovatively optimize, productivity, collaboration, workplace experience & space utilisation.

As commercial interior design firm in Singapore and team of passionate creators we care equally as much about the construction quality & site safety at our sites as we do about the design solution. SNX firmly believes that quality is never an accident and is always the result of high intention combined with sincere effort, intelligent & systemized direction together with skillful execution.

Headquartered in Singapore, Sennex has operating entities in Hong Kong & Malaysia with collaborative partners in Japan, PRC, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia.

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Sennex. It means new energy and represents the passion we have for what we do – a mission to transform workplace experiences and inspire people to do their best work.

In 2001 in Hong Kong, we stepped into the design & build scene with a simple mission: bringing new perspectives and energy to how workplaces were designed and experienced.

Derived from the Chinese word 新力 (San Lek) which means New Energy, Sennex embodies the spirit of our company and its core value. Energy from Within. Energy from our surroundings. Energy from synergizing with the people around us. Our New Energy creates Passion. And Passion is what drives us every day, on every project we undertake, in handling the unknowns and in the celebration of life itself.

Today, we are headquartered in Singapore, with extensive experience on high-profile projects across Asia. Over the years we have built a strong rapport of trust and dependability with our clients to deliver the right solutions and in these rapidly changing times, we remain unchanged in our mission to deliver new energy to the workplace landscape.

Workplace, Technology, Productivity, People

We don’t settle for the obvious. We probe. We explore. We challenges the conventions of today to discover innovative solutions for tomorrow. When a small variable goes unnoticed, it can disrupt an entire ecosystem. That is why when you talk to us, we listen to the heartbeat of your organization. We align with your business goals, empathize with your people and look beyond the surface to identify potential risks and opportunities. Ultimately, we want to transform the workplace landscape into one of happier, healthier communities with a passion for the work they do.

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Innovation is in our DNA. We take things that are seemingly disconnected to create new possibilities. Like the Building Blocks we play with during childhood, we are a diverse mix of people, cultures and expertise. Each of us is a unique piece. ​​

Put us together and you get endless possibilities.

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