Office Renovation Singapore

To move or to stay

Not every commercial office interior design project in Singapore that Sennex undertakes involves fitting out a brand new office.

We have over a decade of experience in working with client’s to successfully deliver office renovation projects in Singapore that transform and reinvigorate their existing workplace. Sometimes we work within the existing tenancy envelope to reconfigure the space or within a reduced footprint when downsizing however; in many instances clients lease additional space and use the opportunity that this presents to re-appraise existing office space allocations and create a better office space planning to increase efficiency and to have a consistent corporate image across all tenancy areas.

Improve Productivity

A good design for commercial renovation in Singapore can have a direct positive impact on employee’s productivity. Design factors like acoustics, temperature, lighting, layout, air quality, furniture and temperature plays a huge part. With good office space planning in Singapore, companies would be able to provide a range of flexible working spaces for their employees and therefore improve employee’s collaboration.

Technology Era

As technology is growing at an exponential rate is it important for businesses to understand what needs to incorporate into the office design right from the start to avoid reverse engineering. A good office interior design would be able to incorporate all the technology requirements to deliver a maximum performance.

Consistent Corporate Image

To attract and retain talents, it is important for a company to have a positive work culture and image. The culture should be consistent across all medium, including office design. For example, an open workstation layout would promote a culture of transparency and collaboration while corner offices may reflect a hierarchical organization.

Office renovation often makes financial sense as this obviates the need to shoulder the renovation cost of re-instating their office space back to the base building condition which is a requirement when vacating office space at the end of the lease term. Commercial renovation in Singapore also saves on the relocation costs associated with an office move.

Case study: Scoot
Case study: NTUC


Having successfully completed many complex office renovation projects in Singapore for many multi-national companies throughout the years, Sennex has an enviable reputation for planning and executing office renovation projects where the off ice remains occupied over the entire refurbishment programme.

Understanding our Client’s concerns on business continuity during the construction phase of a project and the potential risks associated with renovation works allows us to develop a practical master-programme comprising of a detailed schedule of works for our projects.

Working with only proven and trusted suppliers and office contractors in Singapore combined with meticulous planning ensures that your office renovation project will be completed on time and on budget with minimal disruption.

The Sennex team, which is a fully accredited and respected interior architecture, design and build firm in Singapore, has completed complex and large-scale office renovation projects for leading global companies such as Amazon, ABN Amro Bank, Philip Morris International, Boehringer Ingelheim, China Navigation and International SOS. We continue to provide post-occupation services to our Clients and our office design team can assist with layout and space planning reconfiguration should the need arise for expansion to accommodate additional headcount or re-stacks your office.

Talk to us to figure out how to develop a practical and actionable office refurbishment plan.