Activity Based Working In Singapore (ABW)

Activity based working is a catalyst for many companies to reconsider their working style and culture. This business and workplace strategy empowers employees with the autonomy to physically locate themselves in a best-fit location to complete their tasks instead of forcing them to undertake all their work at a fixed desk or designated cubicle. It provides freedom of choice for employees in where, when and how they work, thus helping them to become more effective and efficient in their work.

A dynamic workplace with a fresh, varied working environment would enhance creativity, interaction and well-being, and encourage freedom of movement for employees. It would also create a positive impression to visitors, as compared to the traditional ‘cubical’ and walled-up office. Good employers who desire an office space where talents are most likely retained and attracted would want to provide their staff a workplace that meets both their personal and professional needs. And that’s our forte. Sennex’s creative designers have the experience and capability of creating work spaces that fit all occasions and purposes – ranging from intense and focused work, to formal and opulent receptions and boardrooms, as well as to cater for informal & impromptu discussions.

The latest buzzword – Activity Based Working (ABW)

Selecting office desks is often a cost driven solution with little regard for the work typology to be undertaken. The one desk fits all approach is common in Singapore office design ideas and solutions. A single office desk size certainly aids space planning but may not necessarily deliver the most efficient results in terms of space usage nor, yield the most productive or creative work.

Companies readily accept that status dictates workspace size allocation but, are seemingly reluctant to allocate work space and office desks based on activity. Activity based allocation of office desks & types of work space based on functional needs may result in different types of work space and office desks being provided.

Benefits of Activity Based Working

Research suggests that this is particularly appropriate for knowledge workers who work both independently and collaboratively – by providing a range of work settings to transit through during the course of a day that is designed to support the specific work task at hand that this increases individual effectiveness, workplace productivity, creativity and collaboration but also enhances employee well-being. With a modern and efficient office design environment not every person may need a permanent desk which may mean a reduced real estate footprint which is another potential benefit.

Hot Desking

One common Misconception about Activity Based Working, which is a subset of Agile Working, is that it is all about Hot desking. A good understanding of your company is integral to understanding what model and degree of Activity Based Working is best for you.

As a Workplace Design Consultant, with competencies in both Workplace Strategy Consulting and full Design Capabilities, Sennex will be able to advise your company on how to properly evaluate the potential for introducing an activity based working model. Sennex uses cutting edge Space Utilisation Technologies to gather and analyse occupancy data thereby promoting informed decision making that ultimately could provide your Company with a competitive edge.

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