Social Office

Work isn’t a place, it’s an activity we perform and companies and individuals need to determine which tasks are best done where so as to drive efficiency and effectiveness. “Before the pandemic, the conventional wisdom had been that offices were critical to productivity, culture, and winning the war for talent.“ June 08, 2020, Reimagining the office and work life after Covid-19, A Mckinsey Article.

During the pandemic Remote Working became the new normal – in effect CV-19 forced us to work this way however, we could have been working this way already if we choose to – the technology to do so existed!

Once stretched, the rubber band doesn’t return to the same position and neither will our work style.

The office in our opinion is likely to evolve into a more dynamic, less densely populated “culturalised” hub that, connect employees. The “social office” will be capable of supporting blended work activities and will be designed to facilitate; face-to-face interactions, community building, collaboration and brainstorming. It will be much more about “user experience”.