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Sustainable Architecture

Sennex believes that office space, office design and of course, office designers all need to be environmentally design focused. However, sustainability does not always just mean merely an eco-friendly green building or office. A new concept is emerging which extends this focus to include the social sustainability and the wellbeing of staff. It also requires the ability of the office to sustain your needs not just now, but in the future.

WELL Standards

Design is not only about symmetry, beauty and color instead it is the opportunity to improve the well-being and health of people through impactful interior space design. This includes placing water points in strategic areas to encourage hydration, selecting and positioning light fixtures with the appropriate lux level, ensuring adequate table size that would best fit your employees’ work needs and office furniture that would allow employees to be more active instead of the usual prolonged sitting.

In this regard, Sennex’s hybrid office interior designers who are already familiar with the BCA’s Green Mark for Office Interiors scheme are also now learning about the WELL standards and the key drivers that impact office design and the wellbeing of staff. New modern office design trends and standards are emerging hence it is important that corporate office designers in Singapore are conversant with these trends so that they can advise their Clients.

New Modern Office Design Trends Singapore

Flexibility Work Space – With constant and unpredictable changes in technology and working culture, it would be difficult for companies to predict the future job positions as many essential positions today did not exist in the past. With adaptable furniture and flexible workspace, new technologies and headcount can be integrated with ease and minimal disruption.

Activity Based Design (ABD) – the need to promote collaboration and increase privacy. ABD allows people to work in different areas depending on the nature of work style and task. For example, pods are introduced into the workspace to provide private conversation without distractions and can double up as a comfortable area for quiet focus. However, these pods need to be strategically placed to minimize interruption and background noise.

Appealing to Millennials – we understand that majority favor non-conventional space. With some thoughtful interior space planning and design, your company can promote a fun, healthy and loving corporate culture without compromising on your employee focus and productivity. Millennials spend a majority of their time in office hence they want the workspace to reflect the company culture. By blending productivity, autonomy and fun into the workplace, it sends a powerful message to your employees that your company is current, receptive to new ideas and most importantly, one that cares!

Sennex is constantly working to build its knowledge platform for the benefit of our Clients. Introducing new hybrid office interior design ideas in Singapore often meets with stakeholder resistance and therefore change management initiatives go hand in hand with the introduction of new office design ideas. We pride ourselves on being meticulous in helping you determining those needs and figuring out what would still serve you well 5, 10, 15 years into the future.

Case study: Murex

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