Workplace Branding

Workplace branding combines traditional 2D graphic design elements with 3D digital formats to visually express & communicate a wide range of workplace messages to internal and external stakeholders.

As a package this blend of traditional and digital media is sometimes referred to as Experiential Graphic Design and as the name suggests, it’s about creating an “experience” that stimulates, engages and enlivens our perception of Brand – it can be fun and interactive and can be used to create a sense of place and belonging. Core messaging, wayfinding and functional signage are all seamlessly integrated to provide a bespoke EGD solution that is fully integrated into the design process by Sennex. This takes a deep understanding of how various spaces will be used, by whom together with a strong insight into the organisation’s cultural positioning.

Research undertaken by the ManpowerGroup suggests that 80% of Millennials who will make up one-third of the global workforce by 2020; prioritize working with “great people” and “general cultural fit” as being highly important selection criteria when evaluating job opportunities. Companies seeking to attract, retain and motivate Millennial talent need to pay careful attention to this and in this regard enlightened Companies are increasingly leveraging EGD as a means of extending their Brand by providing strong and clear messaging that seeks to engage Millennial talent.

The Sennex team is adept at crafting EGD solutions for Clients and we would be delighted to share our knowledge with you.

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